Volunteer Positions


Registration volunteers welcome patients to our facilities, help them as they check in and assist them toward the correct department.

Patient Visitor

Patient visitor volunteers sit with our patients, chat with them, play a game and become a comforting friend by their side for a few hours during their hospital stay. They check in on patients identified by the nursing staff as having few or no visitors.

Book Cart Delivery

Book cart delivery volunteers offer reading materials and a smile to help ease the feeling of boredom that can coincide with a hospital stay. This small act of kindness will make a difference to patients and their families. We accept gently-used books as donations.

Mail Delivery

Mail delivery volunteers circulate throughout the hospital collecting and delivering mail to patients and staff. This position involves walking and computer skills.

Waiting Area

Waiting area volunteers serve as a vital communication link between our patients’ friends and families and our staff members. We have many waiting areas throughout our hospitals and Oklahoma Heart Institute.

Information Desk

Information desk volunteers have the important task of welcoming all visitors to our facilities. They assist our visitors in finding their way and guide them to their desired location. Information desk positions are standing. Desks are at Hillcrest Medical Center, Hillcrest Hospital South, Oklahoma Heart Institute and Peggy V. Helmerich Women's Health Center.