Jenna Tanner was home alone on March 9, 2023, when she experienced a severe heart attack and cardiac arrest. Inspired by her kids, Tanner tapped into her remaining strength to call for help. Paramedics rushed her to Hillcrest South, where emergency physicians and cardiologists from Oklahoma Heart Institute (OHI) saved her life. Tanner, her husband, and Dr. Stanley Zimmerman, director of the catheterization laboratory at OHI, share her story of survival.

When a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, healthcare providers at Hillcrest guide them through a multi-step process to explore their treatment options. Dr. Clint Merritt, breast surgical oncologist, and Dr. Scott Newbrough, plastic surgeon, explain the multi-disciplinary approach to providing complete breast cancer care and reconstructive surgery. Brandi Baxter, breast care APRN-CNP, describes risk factors and the kinds of testing offered at Hillcrest to help detect breast cancer, and breast care PA-C Jennifer Powers explains how genetic testing can help detect cancer early.

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Hillcrest was honored to host a Black Men in White Coats youth summit in Tulsa. Around 200 Tulsa Public Schools students spoke to providers about the importance of minority representation in the healthcare field. They even went through hands-on clinical rounds with the help of medical students and providers! Hear how one student described his day, and what the director of the organization’s Tulsa chapter hopes the event accomplished.

Oklahoma Heart Insitute recently celebrated its 1,000th transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure. Over the last 10 years, OHI providers have helped improve the lives of patients by replacing their aortic valves with the TAVR method, avoiding the need for open-heart surgery. Watch this video to hear from patients and providers who came together to celebrate this achievement. To learn more about TAVR and the other services OHI provides, visit this website.

Utica Park Clinic orthopedic surgeon Chad Crawley, D.O., specializes in hip replacement surgery using a unique technique. The anterior approach allows for less pain, quicker recovery and a greater chance of successful long-term results compared to traditional techniques. Have a lingering ache or pain in your joints? To make an appointment, call 918-268-7898.

Watch to follow a patient as he is admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. His story, shown through his eyes, is the reality many of our patients face.

For almost a year, the Hillcrest teams have poured everything they have both personally and professionally into caring for patients with COVID-19. But, we can’t beat this virus without you.

Please - Wear your mask. Avoid gatherings. Get vaccinated when it’s your turn.

Do it for the patients we’ve cared for and will continue to care for. For those the world has unnecessarily lost. And, for all health care workers… who continue to show up day after day to take care of our loved ones

Hillcrest South CEO Bennett Geister spoke to Utica Park Clinic urologist, Jonathan Israel, M.D., about common urology questions he receives during a recent Facebook live chat. Check it out!

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Israel on the Hillcrest Medical Center or Hillcrest South campus, please call 918-579-3130.

Thank you for joining us for our live chat about concussion symptoms, effects and treatment options with Dr. Andre Fredieu, medical director of the Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute.

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Your heart care shouldn’t wait. When your heart skips a beat, let our experts get you back into the rhythm of life. The Oklahoma Heart Institute Electrophysiology team is the largest in northeastern Oklahoma offering state-of-the-art arrhythmia care. They provide evaluation, diagnosis and therapy for conditions such as atrial fibrillation, heart arrhythmias, sudden cardiac arrest and congestive heart failure.

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