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Michael Ward, M.D.


Utica Park Clinic - Glenpool
550 W. 121st St.
Glenpool , OK 74033
United States
Phone: 918-291-5200
Oklahoma US

Michael Ward, M.D., has practiced family medicine for more than 30 years. He spent 14 of those years as the owner and operator of Sapulpa Medical Clinic, before joining Utica Park Clinic. Patient comments about him include:      "Dr. Ward is always straight to the point and very helpful with things I need to know about my condition. He always takes time to talk to me and listen to my concerns. I highly recommend him. I will never change my PCP unless Dr. Ward retires. Not only is he a fantastic doctor, but a great person!"      "Dr. Ward is always right. I get cured when I follow his directions. I feel better exactly when he tells me I will. Regardless if I agree with his diagnosis or not (sometimes we don't want to hear the truth) he is correct EVERY single time!"      "I feel fortunate to have access to the level of healthcare provided at Utica Park Clinic in Glenpool. Dr. Ward has been a fine primary care physician for me. He is an experienced doctor whose judgement has proved to be correct and valuable to me over the past five years."      "Dr. Ward went out of his way to help me avoid surgery. I am impressed that he used multiple diagnostic methods before scheduling a consultation with another doctor. My wife and I have been so impressed with the service Dr. Ward has provided to me over the years, that she switched her care over to him." Dr. Ward received a bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University and a medical degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He completed his residency at Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City.  Dr. Ward's personal interests include reading, computers, travel and sports. Dr. Ward is available for early morning appointments beginning at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday. His practice is located at:      Utica Park Clinic      550 W. 121st St.      Glenpool, OK 74033 For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 918-291-5200.