Acting F.A.S.T.

When Neda’s son tried to wake her, he and his dad knew something was wrong. Her arm was limp and she wasn’t able to speak. Neda’s husband, Wayne, immediately knew she was having a stroke. Within 25 minutes, she was at The Emergency Center at Hillcrest Medical Center being treated with a clot-busting drug that can reduce long-term disability. According to Wayne, everyone at The Emergency Center was on high alert and knew the clock was ticking. Today, Neda is on the road to a full recovery thanks to the life-saving teams at The Emergency Center at Hillcrest and the Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute at Hillcrest Medical Center.

Find out more about the signs of a stroke here:

F - Face Drooping | A - Arm Weakness
S - Speech Difficulty | T - Time to Call 911

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