Rediscovering health. Rediscovering life.

In one second, a drunk driver turned Kristine’s life upside down. The accident left her with multiple arm, leg and rib fractures, as well as severe abrasions over most of her body. With the help of Hillcrest Hospital Cushing’s inpatient rehabilitation therapy services, outpatient rehabilitaion center, and home health care, Kristine began her two-year journey back to health. With a positive prognosis and therapists who have become lifelong friends, Kristine has regained her independence and is enjoying every minute of her life.

Living fearlessly.

For Elizabeth, the change happened quickly – numbness, weight loss, slurred speech. Her health was declining until further tests diagnosed Elizabeth with a type of Multiple Sclerosis. Thanks to the dedicated staff and compassionate care she received at the Kaiser Rehabilitation Center at Hillcrest Medical Center, Elizabeth is back in the classroom teaching, living without fear, and chronicling her journey in a book she hopes will one day inspire others to make the most of the life they’re given.

A traumatic injury or stroke can take a lot from a person – strength, basic life skills and independence. At Kaiser Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Perri Craven and her team have dedicated themselves to rebuilding lives and restoring hope.

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