Oklahoma Stroke

If you or someone you are with has symptoms of a stroke, getting to the certified stroke center at Hillcrest Medical Center or Hillcrest South in Tulsa as quickly as possible is critical to receiving brain-saving care fast.

Hillcrest’s certified stroke centers offer a complete continuum of stroke care, which includes a wide range of specialists, proven processes and advanced tools needed to rapidly diagnose and treat stroke and speed recovery.

Symptoms of Stroke

During a stroke–which is caused by a blockage (ischemic stroke) or break (hemorrhagic stroke) in a blood vessel in the brain–two million brain cells die every minute. Calling 911 and going to a certified stroke center at the first signs of stroke is your most important step in limiting long-term damage.

Remember to BE FASTT with these stroke symptoms:

  • Balance - Sudden dizziness, loss of balance
  • Eyes - Double vision, blurred vision
  • Face - Uneven smile, facial droop
  • Arm - Arm weakness, arm numbness
  • Speech - Slurred speech, difficulty speaking or understanding
  • Terrible headache - Sudden severe headache
  • Time last seen normal- Call 911 immediately

Emergency medical services (EMS) providers can offer immediate care and notify the care team at our certified stroke center to prepare for the patient.

Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment

Upon arrival at our stroke center, patients who might be having a stroke receive expedited testing and evaluation to confirm the diagnosis and quickly begin treatment. Our capabilities include:

  • Board-certified physicians in all the medical specialties needed to expertly care for stroke patients, including: interventional neurology, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • A dedicated coordination and transfer service available 24/7 to get patients to the right care area and specialists without delay
  • Gold-standard treatment options such as powerful clot-busting medications and advanced, minimally invasive clot removal procedures

Our stroke care team is built and equipped to speed the right care for each patient, limit long-term disability and help restore quality of life as quickly as possible.

After initial care, our stroke coordinator works closely with patients and their families in the hospital to create an individualized recovery plan.

Certified Stroke Care

Hillcrest Medical Center and Hillcrest South in Tulsa are among an elite group of hospitals certified in stroke care by DNV GL Healthcare, an independent, national leader in certifying hospitals for clinical excellence. Additionally, the Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute at Hillcrest Medical Center and Hillcrest South has earned the ‘Gold Plus’ award from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, making Hillcrest the only dual certified health system for stroke care in the area.

To become certified for stroke care, hospitals must undergo an in-depth review of processes, staffing and technology to confirm they have the advanced capabilities and are following the latest evidence-based guidelines for stroke care.

Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation

No matter what causes a stroke or its effects, skilled rehabilitation care is critical to regaining as much function as possible as quickly as possible. Our stroke care coordinator meets with patients and families before leaving the hospital to help determine the best recovery and rehabilitation plan going forward.

For the last four years, Kaiser Rehabilitation Center at Hillcrest Medical Center has ranked in the top 10 percent nationally for outstanding rehabilitation program performance. Serving Northeast Oklahoma for more than four decades, the center offers specialized rehabilitation programs just for stroke patients.

  • Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy tailored to stroke patients
  • Customized therapy plans to help patients regain mobility and independence

Locations and contact

Hillcrest Medical Center

1125 S. Trenton Ave., Tulsa, OK
Phone: 918-579-1000

Hillcrest South

8801 S. 101st E. Ave., Tulsa, OK
Phone: 918-294-4000

Kaiser Rehabilitation Center

1125 S. Trenton Ave., Tulsa, OK
Phone: 918-579-7200

Kaiser Outpatient Rehabilitation and Neurological Day Program

1120 S. Utica Ave., Tulsa, OK
Phone: 918-579-7100