Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need In Patient Psychiatric Treatment?

Admission is generally the result of a child being a danger to self or others, or the child is aggressive or out of control and unmanageable in the present environment because of hallucination or other behaviors. During treatment we will also address a variety of other problems that children, adolescents and their families face, including:

  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Homicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Excessive aggression
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Poor impulse control
  • Delusions/hallucinations
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Grief or persistent sadness
  • Agitation and restlessness
  • Sleeping and eating disturbances
  • Self-neglect/Self-harm
  • Dysfunctional behavior that impedes daily living
  • Obsessive-compulsive symptoms
  • Hypomanic or manic behavior

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How do I get my child evaluated or admitted?

Referrals or inquiries regarding care are free and confidential and may be made 24/7 with one of our licensed intake counselors by calling (918) 579-SAFE or (888) 765-2605.

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What happens during treatment?

Our inpatient treatment program is designed to provide crisis stabilization and therapeutic rehabilitation for children who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral problems. A team of psychiatrists provide diagnosis, medication management and supervision of all aspects of a patient's treatment. Treatment includes 24/7 nursing and physician coverage (both psychiatric and medical), family, individual, and group therapies, also expression therapy, a gymnasium and a full complement of support staff. During treatment, children will be provided with a structure for developing and applying coping skills; children will also develop a greater sense of self-worth and be better prepared to function within the family, school and society. The length of stay is often 1 to 6 weeks and is individualized for each child and discharge is as soon as treatment objectives are completed.

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How do I contact my child while in treatment?

Children have privileges based on their behavior. Children may make and receive phone calls to and from family members in the evening and may have visits and passes on and off campus in the evening and on weekends based on behavior and admission status.

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Who will be caring for my child while in treatment?

Our staff is a team of psychiatrists, licensed therapists, intake counselors, case managers, registered nurses, therapeutic recreation specialists, and psychiatric technicians who are dedicated to the well-being of each child. Our Medical Director, Dr. Marvin Jin, has been with the program since it was established over 20 years ago. Low staff turnover and a high level of employee satisfaction mark our staff's passion for the care of our children.

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About our program

Hillcrest's Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health offers high quality inpatient psychiatric care for children 4 years old to adolescents age 18. The program is housed on the 8th floor of the OSU Medical Center campus.

To allow for the best possible experience for our patients, we offer four specialized units: Children; Early Adolescent; Adolescent Acute and Adolescent Residential. The Children's Unit is the only one of its kind in northeast Oklahoma which accepts children as young as four years old. The Early Adolescent unit is designed for the unique physical and emotional needs of patients ages 9-13. By placing each patient on the unit best suited to his or her age, health needs and maturity level, our therapists are able to tailor activities, therapy and discussions that create the best possible outcome for each child. While in treatment, patients attend classes through Tulsa Public Schools' onsite Therapeutic School. During summer, enrichment classes are offered in place of regular school curriculum.

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What our staff says about the care of our patients

Psychiatrist:  "Helping children and their families has been my life's work. There is nothing I would rather do;  they will have to wheel me out of here. I take great pleasure in being a part of helping families and their children get their lives back on track. There is just nothing like what I do."

Nurse:  "Children sometimes come from very painful situation, even by 4 or 5 years old. You cannot help but love them and want to help them. When I leave the unit each day I am sometimes exhausted, generally in a delightful way, and I look forward to coming back to play the role I do with our children."

Therapist:  "There is nothing more satisfying than to meet in my office with a family and their teenager and create new beginning within their family for love and respect. It does not happen every day with ever child of course, but it happens a lot - it's great. There is just nothing quite like opening up a whole new future for a child or family that they did not see as possible just a few days or weeks before."

Psych tech:  "It is almost like we are their families while they are with us. We provide structure, guidance, respect, caring, even love. While this is sometime very hard work, especially when children act out because of their pain, I believe I am doing something worthwhile in my own life and in their too."

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